Outstanding Research Award

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners!

Zachariah Berry headshotZachariah Berry
Cornell University
When Less Is Enough: The Relationship Between Prosocial Effort and Moral Character Judgments
Tobias Ebert headshotTobias Ebert
University of Mannheim
Religious People Only Live Longer in Religious Cultural Contexts: A Gravestone Analysis
Juliana French headshotJuliana French
Florida State University
Change of Heart: The Implications of Changing Hormonal Contraceptive Use After Relationship Formation
Oriane Georgeac headshotOriane Georgeac
London Business School
Instrumentality Undermines Underrepresented Group Members' Psychological Sense of Belonging and Attraction to Organizations
Ahra Ko headshotAhra Ko
Arizona State University
Family Matters: Rethinking the Psychology of Human Social Motivation


Award Info


About the Award

The Outstanding Research Award recognizes rigorous and transparent research by graduate students. Empirical submissions will be evaluated for the quality of the research design, transparency of the reported results, and legitimacy of the statistical conclusions. The goal of this award is to highlight outstanding empirical research regardless of the statistical significance of the results.

Submissions will be reviewed by student peers and/or faculty members. Five students will be chosen for the award and will receive a $100 honorarium. As an additional honor, all recipients will be offered the opportunity to meet with a mentor of their choice at the 2020 SPSP Annual Convention. All graduate students, whether pursuing dissertation or pre-dissertation research, are welcome to submit an application.

Selection Process

There will be one round of judging for this award. Five winners will be chosen by a group of reviewers based on the merits of the entire application. Reviewers will be matched to appropriate applications based on keyword matches and field of work. Applications will be reviewed blindly based on the judging rubric.

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