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SPSP2018: eDaily for March 2

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SPSP President Lynne Cooper

Presidential Plenary:
Toward a More Broadly Generalizable Science of Psychology:
Issues, Challenges, Opportunities

Join SPSP President Lynne Cooper as she leads a panel of scholars on a discussion of the high costs to our field of over-reliance on limited and highly homogeneous samples, especially convenience samples of undergraduate students. Participants in this session will explore this issue, answering larger questions related to social and personality psychology and fielding questions from the audience.

Pop-up Programming

While the program is chalked full of amazing topics, speakers, and sessions, SPSP is making space for sessions to "pop-up" for an informal conversation on a topic with new and old friends. Attendees can reserve designated space for such small group discussions that will be advertised on the mobile app, rotating screens, and social media. Given the last-minute nature of these unique sessions, information for attendees to join will be made available as soon as sessions "pop-up." Reserve a space for a Pop-Up Programming session at the Registration desk in (HR) Lower Level 2.

Coverage from the Convention


Helpful Links

All weekend, our team of science writers will be on the lookout for great stories. Check out their finds here and in their posts on Character & Context.

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Gender and Sexuality in Two Non-Western Cultures
Culture, gender, and mate competition dominate this post from Malachi Willis. Willis covers research presented by Dr. Paul Vasey at the Sexuality preconference.


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Empowering Group Victims of Injustice Through Empathy
In the aftermath of intergroup injustice, apologies from the perpetrator groups are commonplace, but taking the next step, and ensuring that the victims are empowered, can be overlooked. Sarah L. Williams covers research presented at the Group Processes and Intergroup Relations preconference.


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Friday's Highlights

7:00 AM - 6:00 PM: Registration and Badge Pickup | Hyatt Regency (HR) Lower Level 2

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM: Exhibit Hall Hours | Hyatt Regency (HR) Grand Hall

9:30 AM: Presidential Plenary: Toward a More Broadly Generalizable Science of Psychology: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities | Hyatt Regency (HR) Centennial I and II

10:00 AM - 3:30 PM: Headshot HQ, Sponsored by Travel Portland | Hyatt Regency (HR) Lower Level 2

12:15 - 1:15 PM: Boxed Lunch Available (Tickets required)

12:30 to 1:45 PM: Mentoring Lunches (pre-registration required)

  • GASP Mentoring Lunch | Hyatt Regency (HR) Hanover FG
  • Student Mentoring Lunch | Hyatt Regency (HR) Hanover CD

2:00 PM: Invited Session: The Importance of Social and Psychological Research in the Age of Trump | Hyatt Regency (HR) Centennial I & II

3:45 - 5:00 PM: Block, Campbell, & Distinguished Scholar Address | Hyatt Regency (HR) Centennial I & II

5:15 PM: Receptions

  • Early Career Happy Hour | Hyatt Regency (HR) Hanover CD
  • Non-Academic Employee Social Hour | Hyatt Regency (HR) Hanover FG
  • LGBT and Ally Networking Reception | Hyatt Regency (HR) Regency V
  • SPPS Editorial Board Happy Hour| Hyatt Regency (HR) Chicago AB (by invitation only)
  • Summer Institute for Social and Personality Psychology (SISPP) Reunion | Hyatt Regency (HR) Regency VI (by invitation only)
  • PSPR Editors' Reception | Hyatt Regency (HR) Hanover E

6:00 PM: Diversity Reception | Hyatt Regency (HR) Regency VII

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