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close relationships

For a Happy Marriage, Both Spouses’ Personalities Matter

Older couple embracing on hill
Certain couples have particular patterns of personalities that work particularly well—or particularly badly—together.

Why Online Dating is Heaven—and Hell

Young woman looking at cellphone
The number of options in online dating can make people more rejecting, dissatisfied, and pessimistic about love.

Do You Want to be in a Relationship Right Now?

Young couple looking at one another with doubtful expressions
People differ in the degree to which they desire to be in a close relationship, and these differences are related to how they think about current and future relationship partners.

Foodie Calls: Who Dates for Free Food?

Young woman on date with young man
Nearly a third of women—particularly those with narcissistic, Machiavellian, and psychopathic traits—have dated someone just for a free meal.

Are Your Close Friendships Harming Your Romantic Relationship?

Group of people men and women screaming in megaphones at sad depressed young couple
Having your psychological needs met by people other than your partner is great for your well-being but can be problematic for your relationship.

Maintaining Close Relationships During a Pandemic

Stressful times, feelings of uncertainty, and physical confinement can create conflict and tension in close relationships.

Keeping Score in a Relationship is a Recipe for Conflict and Dissatisfaction

Black man arguing with woman, standing against wooden wall with folded arms, looking away with offended expression on her face
When people monitor their romantic relationship to see whether their partner reciprocates the nice things they do, conflicts have a greater impact on how close they feel to their partner.